Current and recent program donors include: AusAID (ETCAS), CAFOD, Canada Fund, Caritas Australia, Caritas New Zealand, Development and Peace Canada, Finland Government, Irish Aid, ISIF, ISOC, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Oxfam, RDTL Civil Society Fund, Rowetel, Save the Children, The Asia Foundation, Trocaire and US Embassy. Donors and supporters for the 2011 General Assembly also included Child Fund, CRS, Mercy Corps, Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry, Oxfam, Plan International, Progressio, Save the Children, UNMIT, Water Aid, World Neighbors and World Vision.

Other support: FONGTIL receives support from advisers or development workers from International Volunteer Organizations such as Progressio, AVI, ABV, VSA and UNMIT DGSU, and from local student or work experience volunteers. Various International Delegations, Agencies and NGOs in Timor Leste also assist FONGTIL and its member organizations with training and capacity development.
FONGTIL Membership: as of August 2011 FONGTIL has 449 NGO members, comprising 376 Local and National NGOs and 73 International NGOs; a check is also underway on a further 16 NNGOs and 8 INGOs, previously registered as members, to determine whether or not they are still active.

Candidate Members are organizations that have lodged their membership application and supporting documentation, and have passed a panel interview prior to the AGM, and they can become Permanent (Full Voting) Members after ratification at the AGM.

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